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We offer a variety of roofing maintenance and repair services
in the Hilton, Howick, Pietermaritzburg and KZN Midlands area.

  • HOME ROOFS - While working with Chromadek is a speciality of ours – we repair and restore most roof types using quality materials. With us your waterproofing and flashing problems will be a thing of the past. Your problem is only a challenge to us which we will overcome! We also do several types of insulation products like Isotherm and Thermgard. Also do roof ventilation systems Like Turbine Ventilators.  We do not currently maintain or restore thatch roofing.
  • INDUSTRIAL ROOFING - We repair and replace industrial roofing and are specialists with Chromadek, Color Plus, Zincal, Polycarbonates and much more. Incorporate great natural lighting into your warehouse or factory and save on electricity as well as benefiting from a scientifically proven increase in productivity and overall sense of well-being. Providing more natural roof lighting also contributes to the environment and “Green Matters”.
  • COMMERCIAL ROOFING - You name it – we can fix it ! One way or another, we have a professional, long-lasting solution for you.
  • INSULATION - Insulation is becoming more and more important with electricity supply problems. We have several options that will save you money in heating and cooling costs.
  • FLASHINGS - We generally fit counter flashings inserted into the wall, instead of topping with membranes as this gives a permanent maintenance free finish.

    We repair, supply or supply and fit the following:

    • Angled and Roll top Ridging
    • Valley linings
    • Headwall
    • Sidewall
    • Chimney
    • Change of Pitch
    • Barge trims
    • Paparapet cappings
  • VENTILATORS & SKYLIGHTS - Various options are available including:

    • Roof ventilators
    • Turbine ventilators
    • Skylights
  • PAINTING - We do roof and general painting and spray painting and believe that preparation is everything. Also do not believe that painting roofs is always the best option and we will give you our best advice in this regard. Sometimes painting a roof makes it unserviceable, increases leakages and becomes more of a future maintenance problem.
  • GENERAL - Yes, at times we do all sorts of other construction work depending on how busy we are – so give us a calL.

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